Now that I’ve read five or six suras in the Quran I am going to give my opinion about Islam.

It is ghastly.

The reasons I shall now state. In the suras I’ve read, the following things are stated:

  • Men are encouraged to take five wives.
  • It is stated that ”women have the same rights as men”, but, that ”the man’s rights goes ahead the woman’s”.
  • It is stated that if a person steals something and doesn’t regret it, we should ”chop of his hand”!

These are paraphrases from the Quran which I’ve read a bit of in Swedish.

Additionally, Muslim women in some proportion wear veals. Which is in every way a disgusting phenomena.

Lastly, I’ve read on an Islamic website that there are Muslims that think that if they repeat certain words or sentences, they get a better liking by God.

So how someone can believe in this I do not know.